Being happy is the first desire for all humans. Extended, it’s the first desire to all animal. What we do in our everyday life, everything is to be happy. But the brutalizing true is that most of the time we couldn’t live happily.

If I ask what is happiness, what your answer will be? If you ask this question to me, my answer is,

Happiness is you’ve got the right things, that you’ve asked for.

From this definition of happiness, It’s clear that it depends on what you want, or your mind. So definitely I can say that if you can control your mind, you can be happy! Let’s dive into deep to find some way to keep smiling always…

  1. Satisfy yourself with just what you have

    Remember, you’ve the right things that you should have to.

    Let’s imagine…

    You’re walking by a road, singing a song in low tune. Suddenly, a bicycle passed by you, the rider wearied a headphone, singing loudly. And after seeing this, you’ve started to imagine yourself to the bike-riders position.

    Now let me explain…

    Singing in low tune in alone road signs definitely, you were peace-in-mind. But when you started to think yourself to the rider’s position, it creates some demands, a bike, a headphone and something more. Here the fact is, if you’re seeking for something that you don’t have, it will make you unhappy!

    So, the less desire you’ve, the happier you’ll be.

  2. Be merciful, be excellence

    Mitigate your anger, forgive others.

    Let’s imagine…

    You’re waiting for about 1 hour in a park for your Girlfriend. But still, she didn’t come. So, what you’re feeling right now? Although you love her a lot, most probably you feel so angry.

    If you can, then don’t express you angriness right now. Control yourself, and after your anger came down, then tell her lovely voice that her late was make you angry. If other things are okay, then obviously she can understand her fault, and she repeats Sorry

    If you can condone your touchiness, then you can keep smiling in any situation that the opposite person creates which is unfair to you.

    Forgiveness is one of the most valuable human nobilities, you should practice it live in peace.

  3. Think positive first

    What you see is may not what actually it is.

    Let’s imagine the previous situation again but from a different angle…

    You’re girlfriend already late for about an hour. Now guess some reason behind her late… Then tell me, what you’ve thought? If I caught rightly, then you must think some negative reason like as she just cheated on you, didn’t come today, or she just goes out with her friend and forgotten about you.

    But wasn’t you think any other reason that can also happen behind her late? May her car fall in trouble in middle way or she is just buying gifts for you, isn’t it possible? If you can imagine like this, then instead of getting worried, you’ll feel the smile in own.

    So why you always think negative first? Think positive first, don’t be worried.

  4. Don’t be idle at all

    Make yourself busy at anything.

    Lat’s imagine…

    You’ve done a lot of work, now you need some rest. But trust me, idle time is the most spoil time for your mental stability or happiness. Now tell me what you do incomplete idle time? At most of the time, you think about your past bad moments! Isn’t it true? And, it makes you unhappy.

    So, never be idle at all. Make new hobbies, invest your time to your hobbies. Such as making a garden or decorate your living room.

  5. Comply with current

    Don’t think about what it was, accept as what it is.

    Let’s imagine…

    When you first engaged with your girlfriend about a year ago, she cares you a lot. Did you eat timely, where are you going, what are doing blah blah… But nowadays she doesn’t care you like as the first time. But you hardly missing thus care and started to think that her love grows quiet than before.

    But the true is…

    Everything is moving continuously, now and then. The river flows, earth-sun-moon spins, and in a case of people, their mind is being changed. In that case, people just get bored to do something again and again, and it’s a common human nature.

    There’s nothing exist in the world which remains same forever. Don’t be afraid of something or someone changed then previous because it’s natural.

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