When people get mature to know the world or can do imagine, they build some wish. It’s no matter, what you wish at your childhood, an ice-cream or your mature age, a Bugatti, everything is your wish, and if you got your dreamed thing is a success. I would like to define success differently.

Success means that you’ve got the right thing you’ve expected for…

Let me explain my view with an example…
Suppose in an examination, full marks is 100. You aren’t a good student, therefore you were expected to achieve only 30 marks and you’ve got 32. But your friends, who are a first bench’s student, expected 95 but got only 80. From my views, it means that you succeed, but your friends aren’t! Funny, right? But it isn’t… Cause everyone wasn’t born with the same capabilities, nor even they can be. Although many people could say,

If you want something, and do hard work for it, then obviously you’ll got it.


Nothing is impossible if you wish

But it isn’t true at all time. Because people have set to limitation by the creators. That’s why If we measure success in a standard scale for everyone, we will see that only people who get special abilities will catch success and others aren’t. On the other hand, If we create a success scale, then only the people who have got more privilege will succeed and others can’t.

Say another thing, go back to my first example of you and your friend’s exam marks. If we define success in a scale for this, defiantly your friends are succeeded you aren’t, right? Okay, your friends always got charmable marks, but you didn’t. And after ending your education life, when you both are willing to enter the job, your friends got a job at $3000 monthly salary range easily for his brilliant result and you got a job at $5000 for your extra curriculum activities, drawing. Now tell me, who is succeeded? Surely, it’s you! Now, what can we understand from this?

The bigger success is waiting in your next steps. you’re success in current step doesn’t means you’re succeeded at all.

Here are the key points for you, if you want to be succeeded in your dreamland…

  1. Choose your dream carefully

    Choosing your dream or destination is the start point to reach your success. A funny but well understandable example I can say here that, if you set your target to live in the Sun, which is logically not possible, then you’ll never be succeeded. This makes you hopeless, which is another great wall in front of dreamland.

    Here I recommend tactics to set your target is, that if you dreamed of having a Lamborghini, then set your first target to a bicycle, after reaching this, a target for a motorcycle. That means, move towards to your success point step by step, never think to jump like the frog.

  2. Never lose hope, repeat, never

    Note this point carefully,

    Success is always hidden behind the sacrifice.

    You can’t show me an example the someone brought a privet aircraft overnight unless he wins a lottery or has fathers property. Behind every success picture, there’s a story of burn a sea of sweat, break walls like the Great Wall of China. Never lose hope if any bridge is broken to your path of success. Find another way, walk then, one day you’ll reach your destination.

  3. Don’t compare with other

    Never compare yourself with others. You’re a human, crafted by Almighty Allah, not a machine created machine. Allah makes every people/animal with a unique dimension. Look at our fingerprint or iris, it doesn’t match with each other. As of this, everyone is different. Never look at your friend who has a Lamborghini, look at yourself that you can paint an extraordinary picture. It’s you, your success region.

  4. Move to the right environment

    Environment plays a huge role in your mental activity, both on your conscious and subconscious mind. Research says living in the uproarious environment for a long time can reduce mental stability. And it’s a know things that working in the desultory area is harder because it disturbed your work concern. So, living in a peaceful environment takes great roles in your success path.

  5. Eat healthily, be healthier

    Health plays a direct role in your work life. If you’re healthy enough, you can do your tasks properly, right now, all day. Look, I’m not saying that health is must have pointed to be successful, an unhealthy person can’t be a success. We can see a lot of people, who is not healthy but successful, it’s a great example if I mention Stephen Hawking here.

  6. Ignore the bad comment, welcome your well-wishers

    In waking to success road, you may fall again and again. Some people will laugh at you, throw negative comments to you. You’ll also find some people you appreciate your work-but-falling although. A wise decision is to ignore the first parties, smile to second parties, smile to them. Be strong, one day the haters will regret their slack.

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